Simon Simon
08.01.2017 19:57

Replication of owncloud servers

Owncloud is a great software for creating your own cloud storage for files, your calendar and your contacts. A missing feature is the replication/synchronization between servers. This feature brings the power of data security. A discussion about this issue can be found on github.

Given a scenario of one client with two servers, with one server being used as backup, there are two different solutions available:

  1. The client syncs with two servers, using one as master and one as backup. The difference between a backup and a master server in this situation is, that the backup synchronization goes only one way. This is not implemented at the moment in the owncloud client.
  2. The master server syncs his data with the backup server.

A very easy implementation of the second approach can be programmed using Sabre/WebDAV:

Please note, that this implementation assumes, that the relative path to the owncloud on both servers is the same.

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